Pomes By Cutters
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Poems By Karina Mcdonnell
she goes and puts all of her pain
in to this silver cup
she brings the cup
to her lips and she
drinks of her pain
She can taste the
pain of death
pain of lonelness
pain of fear
pain of love
pain of hate
and the pain of herself
She drinks of this pain
and wipes the drop of
blood away from her

I go to my room to cry but I can't
so I take the blade to my arm
and make a cut
I want to yell at my mom but I can't
so I go to the bathroom and take
the blade to my arm
I want to tell him that he hurt me
but I just can't
so I go out side for a smoke
and put it out on my hand
I sit in church not knowing anyone
I'm so scared I want to run
but I just can't
so I take the safety pin and push it
through my flesh
I want the crazines to go away
but it just wont so take my
nails and scartch at my face

It's like a drug I tell you
all the time but you always
ask how is it like a drug
you never listen to what
I tell you and you never feel
what I feel
so I'll tell you again and maybe
as you listen you will feel
what I feel

Its like a drug because I crave
it I crave it so bad that I can
almost taste it.
it makes me crave it like a drug
It's like a drug because it makes
me weak. that my body beguns
to shake and I start to cry because
I can't have it
It makes me weak like a drug
It's like a drug because
I stare at it I hold it in my hand
I hold it to my arm wanting it so bad
its like a drug it makes me
want it.
I tell myself just this onces
no one will know
I tell myself I'll hide it where
no can see
it's like a drug it makes me
keep secerts

Now can see why I say
its like a drug?

Poems by Amy

My Day is done
The Night's begun
It scares me to think
that I sink
Into the sequel
of vommit not equal
Sometimes I read
but often I bleed
The pain seeps out
and I go about
feeling scared and confused
for I was one that was BADLY abused
Soon the pain pours out
and I'm like a scout
looking for more
ways to be sore
and reading a book
to see what it took
to release the pain
AND never to gain
a single pound
then I drop to the ground
but what really comes out is just a little yelp
Then comes more red
and I pray to be dead
then take it back
They say I just lack
some good self-esteem
But they've never seen the bright crimson stream
And they've never heard my piercing SCREAM.
Amy (12/19/00